The unbakery.

Today I visited Little Bird Organic's Unbakery. Oh what treats there were to be found! I will definitely try to get there next week for breakfast (they have granola with coconut yoghurt, my mouth waters) but in the meantime I took these two delicious treats home. I've already scoffed the heart and now onto the coconut delight, it is heaven in my mouth. Its a vegan friendly spot too with nut cheeses and vegan macaroons!

Thank you Unbakery for opening your doors in a permanent spot. Oh and those are my new-ish pants, they make me happy!


sunbeam said...

making salivating noises right now! at both the treats and the pants! <3

the little look see said...

yum, looove coconut! topshop!?

Mia Wallace said...

I meant to tell you, I really like your pants!

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