Tonight I did two things. First one, I went to see The Intouchables. It was brilliant. We bought icecreams on the way there thinking Capitol Cinemas might be a little expensive with their frozen movie snacks. Turns out their Movenpick icecreams in waffles cones were 20c more than what we'd bought at the dairy. Fail. But their staff, so friendly and nice, let us put our pre-bought goodies in their freezer to take home after, so the strawberry Movenpick got to find a place in my belly after all. Kapiti, I'll be seeing you later.

And the second, I donated $5 to Wikipedia, because they need it to remain a NGO and because I use it! If you like grand movies and Wikipedia too I highly recommend doing both of these things in the near future.

Plus Wikipedia send you a lovely email of thanks - 'I thank you for joining us in our effort to make the sum of all human knowledge available for everyone.'

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