When you live in Rio.

Last week I was showing a friend here the wheninauckland.tumblr (as I'm quite the fan) and he stopped me to show me quandovocemoranorio.tumblr (when you live in rio). Now I feel like my life here is pretty much complete (almost, a real wholefood shop wouldn't go a miss).

I thought I would try to share one some of goodness from 'quandovocemoranorio' with you. As my portuguese is still very poor I don't get many on them but when I do, victory!

So it goes like this.


When I hear funk music

In the street.

At a party.


Below is an example of funk music (pronounced funk-kee), this song is particularly popular at the moment. Funk music is awful but also makes you shake your ass like you never knew you could when you hear it at a party. I call it funke trance and I secretly love it.

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marcos said...

I wanna see you dancing like them!

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