Making Maracana.

Here is Brazil, MaracanĂ£ (the football stadium here in Rio de Janeiro) is often referred to as a 'temple'. I guess it's like Eden Park for rugby in New Zealand but Brazilian are NUTS about football. Come to think of it we are pretty nuts about rugby (some of us) but these guys take it to a new level.

Anyhoo- myself and the folks I work with (Terravixta - english link) have decided to re-build the legend! Short history goes like this- MaracanĂ£ was once the biggest stadiums in the world, over time it was downsized and downsized and downsized again and most recently remodeled (thanks World Cup). The people here got pretty upset about. Legend lost they said.

So, we are rebuilding it in a mini wooden form! And we are doing a crowd funding to help get the thing off the ground. Not knowing if anyone even remotely interested in football reads this blog I thought I'd post it here because hey-ho why not!

Our crowdfunding (in portuguese unfortunately). And some shots of the beauty below, there's a piece of wood that bends for goodness sake.

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