'Ballon, Ballon!'

I finally got the chance to watch 'Le Ballon Rouge' today, my favourite part is when he hops from umbrella to umbrella. So wonderful. On the end of my copy there is a cartoon from the 1930's which completely captured my attention too. It is called 'The Pin Cushion Man' or 'Balloon Land' and you can watch it here. Watch for the owl tree, his performance is brilliant.

I also found a really nice blog, called The Black Apple. She's on etsy too and sells all sorts of delightful curiousities. I love the hedgehog tea towels and apple ornaments!

Have a lovely day.


Swonderful said...

oh! the pin cushion man is ever so frightening!
I looove the hedgehoggy bits on black apple, thanks for introducing!

Auntie Peach said...

Hey ladies! Our internet intertwining continues! Ginny bought a wee enamel pot off Auntie Peach not so long ago, and I found from there that you have stuff in her store! Awesome. I'm going to add you to my cute list of links, because you are cute.
And I'll let you know about the market idea as it unfolds!

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