Funny Face

This evening I got to watch the lovely Hepburn again in Funny Face, recommended to me by Ginny from Swonderful and I loved it to pieces. The movie gave the smarvelous and talented mother-daughter duo the delightful name for their shop in Brooklyn, Wellington. If you are in the area it's a must-see and I promise you won't be disappointed! So thanks Gin for the heads up about Funny Face, musicals were made for me! It also gave me a bit of time out to get cracking on some owls too.

Another funny face you might also remember? How could you forget!

And while searching for a sweet picture of Audrey from the movie I came across this old package for cherry flavour cordial. Apparently Pillsbury introduced this line of flavored-powder drink mix in 1964. The mix was pre-sweetened using calcium cyclamate and with the help of heavy advertising the line did approximately $15 million in sales for the next four years. Unfortunately, calcium cyclamate was found to give cancer to lab rats.

Unfortunately for 'Funny Face's million dollar sales or unfortunate for the lab rats?.. Poor things and all in the name of Choo Choo Cherry.


Swonderful said...

oh you're too kind! I'm glad you liked it & I knew you would. I loooove the fashion shoot & the crazy stills. x
Poor rats :(

Swonderful said...

aaaand did you see black apple was on Martha? & she's the number one etsy seller! phew!

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