The markets.

It was a long and enjoyable weekend for me. Full of friends, family and craft fairs. The Bayswater School fair on Saturday was fantastic and everyone responded really well to our things- there was an incredible face painter and wrap and juice lady who was so lovely and came round to the stalls and took orders so I managed to survive the 5 hour fair. Unfortunately I forgot my camera!

The Clevedon Craft Market was not such a success for us, selling barely anything. I'm not quite sure the clevedonites really 'got it'. But I had a fantastic time anyhow, meeting some other absolutely lovely stall holders and a couple that told me all about their travels in South America and gave me some handy travel tips. There was a delicious temporary cafe at the fair, my scone below was $1.80! Only in Clevedon. Thanks Mike (the organiser) I really enjoyed myself!

The many photos of a bored stall girl.

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Ginny said...

Lovely pics Liv, sorry the second market wasn't much of a success! That scone looks awesome, man I wish vegan cream was more normal!
PS- Check out my new blog! X

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