Getting ready to swap.

Swap-Away is this weekend! Jee-whizz that has come around so quickly. Alex, Jess and I have been working away on our end of things and we really hope its a super successful day for all. We took a whole bunch of flyers to Kraftbomb yesterday and had a lot of interest so we hope the Leys Institute is packed out come this Saturday.

We are still working away at sending out the packs to those who have sent us through their entry fee this past week. We really hope you all enjoy them and thank you for all the kind words from those who have already recieved them.

I best go shopping for some scrumptious cupcake ingredients.

And I finally picked up my pants! (excuse my gumby look)


the little look see said...

has come around quick, hopefully yesterdays kraftbomb got us a few more punters :)
not gumby, go lookbook go!!

ruby in the dust said...

hi there olivia, I saw those pants yesterday, love them! sorry I was a bit busy; didn't see you, just the pants :) hope you guys did well.

Sheena said...


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