Oh what a night!

I spent it down in dirty Fox's with a good friend- we screamed, we jumped, we danced, we held our breath, we banged the walls and we smiled when someone tipped a bucket of water over us and kissed strangers.

I'm not a big soccer fan, in fact I would hardly call myself a fan at all, but as my friend said 'That's the beauty of the World Cup, look what it does to people.' Usually I find the shots of the crowd highlights but this time it was all eyes on ball.

I had to endure some taunting from friend in Italy too, all part of the fun!

'I suggest you to not cry every time we score or you will lose all your tears!'

'It's not rugby!'

'Let's see if you stop kicking our players!' This one really ticked me off, was sent right at penalty kick.

'Your players are so tall, my god if they are tall!'

And an after match comment. 'It's not fair we did not have spiderman as goalkeeper! Anyway...compliments!'

It was 4am on a Monday and the viaduct was humming. Life is good! We did it!

Photos from the Telegraph and an amusing vuvuvela 'how to' below.

And some brilliant supporter shots from Repubblica if your interested!


P. said...

The magic of the world cup invades NZ, & they did themselves proud oh and bloody vuvuzuelas!! I will however import them and take them to friends netball matches :)
Nice one Lil

friend or doe said...

Rom is disgusted that you called it Soccer. It's Football don't you know! :)

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