A new friend.

I received this email in the ASS account about a week ago.


I hope you guys could help me out. I've been following your blog for awhile and am now booked to fly to New Zealand this week. I figured you guys probably know the city the best and know where and what are the coolest things/places to do and see in Auckland. Hope you guys could help me out!

I just wanna know your own favorite places, things, music, art, and foods to try and explore in your city. Looking forward to hearing from you!


I replied and the rest is history. I now have a lovely new friend, not my first friend through the wonders of the internet but I think it might just be my first international blog friend and I quite like that. We spent the week eating Yorks and Ghirardelli sweets that he brought from home, other wise known as too good to be true peppermint patties and chocolates, galloping down the sand dunes at Bethells and chatting in cafe's in the city.

Thanks internet and thanks PJ, for being awesome. Us, today, below.


friend or doe said...

You're so the next Garage Door! (Garance Dore)
You should put that picture on ASS! Looking good liv!

the little look see said...

aww cute what a nice way to make a new friend. he looks cool :)

PJ said...

I made it to America!!

Will send you an e-mail soon as I get settled! :)

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