Bits and pieces.

Something's to show you.

The amazing work of Liam Gerrard, plus so many other artists you can see at the Sanderson Gallery in Parnell right now. I'd love his Livvi cat in my place!

The so great Boy poster at my place. Rocky makes me smile everyday. 

And these keep me smiling too! Even when everything seems such a mess!

My new 'Deka, Huntly's answer to the pyramids' tote from Mr Vintage. That Deka sign really is a favourite of mine, my friends will tell you! Once we had to stop for 20 minutes so I could take photos of it, just incase it was down the next time we past.

My Spoonflower fabric- it arrived and it's grand but I can't bare to chop it.

And my 'Me & My Girl' found mug. Perfect for tea.

Happy weeks.

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