Yokoo's Ark.

I've adored Yokoo for awhile now- she is always doing something great! This time it's a new on going range of accessories, Noa's Ark, to aid the gulf clean-up. 20% of all purchases will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation. I really enjoyed reading what she wrote about her reasons behind creating the line and see there is more to come.

Cheerful necklaces, gulf help, one swonderful logo and the great Yokoo photography I've come to love so much. Needless to say, I want one! 

I've also been reading some Yokoo interviews these past few days and wanted to share one particular answer she gave to a typical question in a Yellow Goat interview. You can read the rest here.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

You know what? I’m gonna be frank with you. I really don’t know what that question means. This is the first time I am admitting it, but for years I have been hearing this question posed to artists, I never knew what it meant, and I don’t think anyone knows what it means. You mean to tell me that there are people out there that can take walk and smell a flower, and suddenly sit back at home and paint better, and dancer better? Who are these people? How do they dress?

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Nomsa said...

I love Yokoo and am also a fan of her work. I love her new line and am so happy it goes to such a great cause.

Also, her response to that question is classic. "How do they dress?"

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