Kashgar's is coming!

This weekend it's the Devonport Craft Market. I'm still recovering from last weekend but I'll be there! And with a new little project if all goes well. I'm still ironing out some kind of logo for what I like to call 'Kashgar's Brilliant Bazaar!' - a mini second hand market store (i.e. a rack (which I still need to find.. eeek) next to my normal stall). Clothing, hats and everything else.

I've gather some great bits and pieces and I am itching to set them free! So please come down if your around and have a look and give me some feedback!

Happy weekend to all.


My loot.

My market loot!

One of many incredible Gocco prints by Millicent Crow- thanks Jess with that name help! I cannot wait to frame her. And I'm a sucker for Kute Kiwi's pom pom flowers! I hope to do a small pom pom project myself soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

And lastly these brilliant tiki luggage tags by Nuzilla. Perfect for my trip to Mexico in October. That's right folks, I'm going!!


Things for Foxes.

Some products soon to be on Foxes!

Issue 3.

I am patiently waiting for this.

A day of posts.

One more thing to note before I head off to bed. My other exciting news can wait for tomorrow!

I received some message these past few days about a map sighting on Shortland Street- I watched the episode on TVNZ on Demand just now and looky looky there it is. Sorry for droopy eye screen shot!


My friends are always about to help- I really, really appreciate all that they do for me, champs- they even help me to clean my nose. One of the reasons why I always seem to be one of the last people leaving the markets!

Look out Moo.

An awesome cat rival for Moo.

The Market.

I feel like I have so many things to share.. but breath.. one at a time.

First of all- The Auckland Art and Craft Fair was a roaring success! There were people queuing to get into to see our bits (hehe), the layout and lighting was beautiful I thought- not to stark and not to dark, the talented crafters and artists there really blew my mind and I wished I didn't have rent to pay!

I wheeled my stuff down from my place on K. Rd in a Auckland Airport trolley we found on the street about a week ago- the wheels weren't the best but I made it and I even brought my bike lock to keep the trolley safe till the end of the market! Moron I know. My boss came to visit and couldn't stop laughing at me!

I treated myself to only 2 things, actually 3 (one was a gift for a friend that I've decided I love too much so will replace!) but I'll show you those later. For now- some pictures (mostly taken by my good friend, Jorge Ocampo) of the market for those who couldn't make it!

The talented two that put the market together. Thank you so so much Jess and Kylie.

My lovely neighbour to the right, Kute Kiwi.

A very happy customer with her Kute Kiwi glasses.

My lovely neighbours to my left, Sensitive Boyfriend.

Oh V n' B, how I want that lovely striped jumper!

Packing up.

My neato friends who came and helped me on the day, two near and two far. Thanks guys!

Thanks to lovely Jess I got to go to B Fm with her on Friday to blabber on about the market. The podcast is here if you'd like to hear us!

Lastly! Jess gave me some great news yesterday- I was voted 'Best Stall' at the market and won one of the amazing Frankie prize packs. Hoorah! Thanks Frankie and thank you to everyone who voted for my table! I'm so grateful and feeling very chuffed.

Most of all thanks to everyone who came to the market and a special thank you to everyone who bought something from me. My flatmates also thank you especially as I can now pay my rent!

Max & Margaux.

Have you seen Max & Margaux's wedding on Once Wed? It's up right now- in a few posts, this one, this one and this one.. oh and this one and this one too. I have never felt such strong wedding envy. Everything seems just perfect. 

Definitely worth a look!

Some of my favourite teaser photos below.

Look at Margaux's top, incredible.


It'll B tomorrow.

I got to be on B Fm this morning for the market tomorrow. Lovely Jess, the market brains & work horse invited me along. Was quite a thrill.

Just finished a really lovely Hamilton 'HOME' map for the big day! No time for any sneak peeks unfortunately- you'll have to come along to see!! And if you can't make it there I'm at Kraftbomb too this month xx It's this Sunday. 

Hope to see you! Please say hi.


Two more days.

So it's only two days away- I'm panicked and excited! I've got maps coming out my ears that need to be finished- Mexico, Paris, London, India and a lot of local ones. New owls and pretty charm necklaces- and loads of bunting!

I hope everyone who's about this weekend can make it- it's sure to be a cracker.


Bits and pieces.

Something's to show you.

The amazing work of Liam Gerrard, plus so many other artists you can see at the Sanderson Gallery in Parnell right now. I'd love his Livvi cat in my place!

The so great Boy poster at my place. Rocky makes me smile everyday. 

And these keep me smiling too! Even when everything seems such a mess!

My new 'Deka, Huntly's answer to the pyramids' tote from Mr Vintage. That Deka sign really is a favourite of mine, my friends will tell you! Once we had to stop for 20 minutes so I could take photos of it, just incase it was down the next time we past.

My Spoonflower fabric- it arrived and it's grand but I can't bare to chop it.

And my 'Me & My Girl' found mug. Perfect for tea.

Happy weeks.


Sweet sheets.

I want sheets like these- to help make the winter seem a little lighter. I found these images here.

Painting throwing here I come!

Yokoo's Ark.

I've adored Yokoo for awhile now- she is always doing something great! This time it's a new on going range of accessories, Noa's Ark, to aid the gulf clean-up. 20% of all purchases will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation. I really enjoyed reading what she wrote about her reasons behind creating the line and see there is more to come.

Cheerful necklaces, gulf help, one swonderful logo and the great Yokoo photography I've come to love so much. Needless to say, I want one! 

I've also been reading some Yokoo interviews these past few days and wanted to share one particular answer she gave to a typical question in a Yellow Goat interview. You can read the rest here.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

You know what? I’m gonna be frank with you. I really don’t know what that question means. This is the first time I am admitting it, but for years I have been hearing this question posed to artists, I never knew what it meant, and I don’t think anyone knows what it means. You mean to tell me that there are people out there that can take walk and smell a flower, and suddenly sit back at home and paint better, and dancer better? Who are these people? How do they dress?

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