Thank you and good night.

So the shows all over and other things can poke their heads up again for air. Will be rather nice to have some free time again as making etc has really been on the back burner. The show last night was a raging success and thank you to all who came along! Hope you loved it!

Our afternoon performance, a fundraiser for Christchurch. 

 Then we scoffed food before our final show.

 Some beauties helping me get all my hair in cap.

 And Amanda flying through our warm up. And some shots from the show below from various nights.


banana meet-cute said...

Wow! That looks amazing

Songbird Designs said...

Hey Olivia, It was so much fun. We went on Thursday and really enjoyed ourselves. Well done Sxx

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Hi Sarah! I saw you! But you'd disappeared when I came out from the showers :) Thank you so much for coming!! And so glad you enjoyed it.

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