I love the WHB

I can't believe I have, first off written anything in ages, and secondly written anything about the WHB, my 'water ballet troupe'- don't know if you recall if from last year but we are at it again and it is bigger and and better than ever. I hope! Practices are still a little chaotic but I think we'll pull it off, a few weeks yet.

Anyhow- this coming Thursday is the launch of our show and I'd love you all to come along. It's at St Kevin's Arcade, there's the launch, bingo, food, drink and other curiosities. Including myself dressed as a 
'Siren' in a homemade costume lounging about in a kids plastic shell sandpit they tell me, a sight that must be seen!

It should be a load of fun we hope! Here are all the details, click to enlarge.


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