Bazar de Arte y Diseño.

You might remember this guy showing up a few times at the markets last year, he's been back in Mexico a while now and is just about to host León's very first craft market, Bazar de Arte y Diseño. Inspired by us! Apparently our markets and me! have even been mentioned in a mexican newspaper when Snoop was asked how he came up with the idea for the market.

That's it folks, we are famous!

 So if anyone is in León, Guanajuato this Sunday do attend. It will no doubt be grand! I want to go along and buy one of these chairs but it's a little far to travel.


katiepie said...

Aaaargh! I want one of those chairs sooo bad, but they are $500+ here in Melbourne :( xxkate

Jorge Rodrigo Ocampo said...

they are $200 mexican pesos, that's $20 NZD here in León! hehe :P

FOUREYES said...

OMG! I want those chairs too! They'd be perfect on our deck! Must do some research on them.

PJ said...

So Funny! At my last museum internship I worked with a girl who was from Guanajuato and invited me to come visit the city.

Def considering it now as a possible future travel destination. Would probably look for Snoop there.

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