Things Frida says.

So I've been reading Frida by Frida for a really long time now. Christmas 2010 infact, I have started to date my books to laugh at how incredibly slow I am at reading. Frida by Frida is rather good in that I can pick it up and put it down when I like and feel like I haven't lost my place- hence reading it since Christmas 2010.

Anyway it's a selection of letters, texts, forward and notes all written by the lady herself, some translated and some written originally in English.

I enjoy the way Frida wrote and have been writing down the bits that I liked most. So I thought why not share them. Here goes, todays note from Frida.

'Write me often and at great length, the longer the better, and meanwhile accept all my affection.'

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Monique-Clare said...

cute quote! also i laugh that you are so slow at reading books, i am exactly the same!!!!!! people say you can not read 6 books at the same time, i disagree. x

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