To market.

Kraftbomb was on yesterday and although the weather was the pits and daylight savings played havoc with all of us it was a lovely day at the market. A cherry cupcake and Fred's lemonade helps any day feel better I say!

I only managed to take 3 pictures, sorry there isn't more to share! I sold out of all the bunting teacups I made and only have one tumbler left, the lonely one pictured.

I also got those supporter tees and shoppers done and took my tote out for a spin for the game on Saturday night. The tees are $15 (L or XL) and the totes are $12 if you'd like one. Black on black print 'for the win'.

You can get them through my etsy store or just send me a message!


sunbeam said...

heyyy cool tshirt man, can i buy one online? only see tote bag so far

Mia Wallace said...
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