An icecream pie.

I made this last night, to complement the first meal cooked in a new flat and it went down a treat. I saw the picture a week ago and couldn't stop thinking about it - my sugar tooth was squealing with joy. It was so easy to make too except my fingers went a little numb dealing with the icecream. Here's the official drool worthy picture- and my attempt below it.

Here's the recipe if you think it looks as good as I did!

I used passionfruit syrup instead of extract (who on earth stocks that for under a million dollars?) and used Nestle Highlander Sweetened Condensed Milk - Caramel instead of Dulce de Leche. Plus some gluten free ginger biscuits for the base as I wanted my dear gluten free friend to enjoy too! 

I also scored big time (I thought!) yesterday on a wee op shop trip. Two pretty blouses, one silk electric blue and the other a light white cotton with star collar, a light white pull over for summer with some cutout detail and some very very metallic high heels. All for $20! Yus!

And I got some map orders finished. Phew. Hello weekend!


friend or doe said...

New flat?? Seems like you just moved! That looks yummo, I used to make mini ones of these for Xmas all the time- in muffin tins, v. easy!!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Not my new flat miss Ginny, Tamas :)

friend or doe said...

Phew!! xox

the little look see said...

YUM, this looks amazing. Great food blog too, mega drool. My pumpkin puree finally arrived, so attempting the whoopie's this weekend!! :)

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