How far exactly is 15km? Quite far right? I remember at primary school they told us from our classroom to the McDonalds was 1km and I've kept that as my gauge ever since. So to the classroom and back, a good few times I guess. Not too bad- I think I can make it, plus it means I get to pedal my way across the Harbour bridge and that seems pretty grand.

If you have a bike you should sign up too! It's all for a good cause, the TelstraClear Challenge is in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation - Auckland and so far its raised $45, 231, my $65 entry fee included. It could be $45, 296 if you signed up. Why not right?

Photo from here.

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Sarah said...

good on you for doing the ride! I had planned to do the relay to get to 110km with a friend - but work xmas functions are taking priority that w/e. next time! GOOD LUCK!

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