This might be a bit weird.

Well it might but I thought these sandals were so super (spotted and bought at an op shop). I'm a size 7 and these are a size 6, I have tried to get my hooves into them but with no luck and fear of breaking them I have decided that they must go to someone else.

So if you like them too and are a size 6, drop a comment below (or even if you know a size 6-er who might like them for Christmas) and I will choose a commenter at random to post them off too!

A little bit weird right?


Annie B said...

I have a size 6 wearer at home and I think she would love those sandals!

Haeme Robecca said...

These are just too CUTE! Maybe it's time to move on from my beloved romans... :)

K said...

These look awesome! I am slowly trying to diversify what I wear on my feet (rather than just doc martins and chucks) and these would be perfect!

R.W. Scissors said...

Cute! I'm a 6 (and slow to comment on blog posts)!

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