My Cake Cushion

Here is a picture of my sweet new cake pin cushion. Which is lovely to look at but also practical! as I'm so often losing my needles. So! the delightful Ginny bought me this as a super suprise gift to keep my needles (and pins) in order and it has been just grand. The cake slice is made from felt and hand sewn by Sarah who had a table next to Ginny's at this past Craft 2.0. It even came with it's own pins looking like dots of coloured icing and a paper doily to catch its crumbs. So thanks Gin and thank you Sarah! May my needles never be lost again!

For more pictures from Craft 2.0 have a look at Ginny's blog.

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Swonderful said...

yum! it looks even more delicious with heaps of pins in it :)

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