Inversion House.

I haven't had much to say this past week. Just busy preparing for the upcoming Kraftbomb- today I'm off on a mission to distribute the flyers I've been sent around my neighbourhood.

But I did find this, this morning which I think is worth sharing. It was (this dates back to 2005, sorry if you've all seen it already) a house in the Montrose neighbourhood in Houston, Texas. Artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck created the vortex installation for Art League Houston before the houses were demolished that spring. The houses were home to the Art League Houston's art classes and Inversion was a temporary project to celebrate the history of the houses for the thousands of students who have taken there as they make way for a new facility.

Flickr photos from 1. and 3. Brother O'mara 2. Comment King 4. Willawill


kimberlee said...

this is absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing as I had not seen it before.

we are also gearing up. I just found some more flyers so I might put some up around aut and symmonds.

thinking of doing a letter box drop around greylynn on fri or sat, though I hate contributing to junk mail. :( maybe it is okay though for this special event.

what area is your neighborhood? I don't want to hit it twice!

lilysmakebelieve said...

It's magical isn't it! I read after posting it that it is meant to show what it would look like if you were wstching your neighbours house was been sucked through a straw into a cartoon land. I'm not sure if the artists said that but it does look like it.

I think a letterbox drop is a really good idea. At least it's something different and not the same old junk. I live in Bayswater and my bf lives in Kingsland so I'm trying to attack both areas (although I'm sure Kingsland is well covered). I popped some up in Devonport yesterday too :) Can't wait! It's Rosies day off work so you'll be able to finally met this elusive person :)

carina said...

holey moley!!

Ginny said...

I second that! Holey moley indeed. That is super choice. My fave kind of art is crazy huge stuff like this that I could NEVER do.
Neato! & damn I will miss Kraftbomb, however I could help with the flyer drop in ponsonby/ freemans bay on friday??

lilysmakebelieve said...

I agree Gin! And it smells that you can't join us for Kraftbomb. I will take more pictures this time.
I'd be in for an afternoon flyer drop too. xx

(and sorry for all the mistakes I made in my comment above! whoops. I'm not a good proof reader)

ruby in the dust said...

wow, that place is amazing! enjoy Kraftbomb, i'm hoping to join you guys there next month; working on a new project:)

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