Please Send to Daisy.

I've had a few things lurking about since Craftwerk that I've been wanting to share. So here goes.

Firstly my amazing new paperdoll set from Kimberlee of Anemone. I was lucky enough to win one through her blog last week. She also had them for sale at Craftwerk and am sure she'll have more at the up coming Kraftbomb if you love Daisy as much as I do, and her cat! Thank you, thank you Kimberlee!

Daisy and her cat.

Secondly, the work of my friend Jess Allen. Jess and I joined forces for Craftwerk again and she added her stationary set 'Please Send' that I adore. She developed the set in the final year of our Bachelor and it has since been featured in Urbis magazine. Jess worked with a old box of letters that were her grandmothers to create the 'Please Send' set and I hope it helps (at least me) revive letter writing.

'Please Send' packaging.

The envelopes. They are all different, from the photo on the front to the inside photo pattern.

The writing sheets, with this stunner of a sticker attached.

Ready to post!

You can contact Jess at jessallen.design@gmail.com if you'd like a set of your own or see us on the 31st of August at Kraftbomb!

Lastly, I was lucky enough to trade owls with some of the other crafters great things. I got 4 whimsical cards from Cheek Pinchy, all of which are grand and I don't want to part with them. A pair of sweet knitted fingerless mittens for littles and a very cute button necklace which I've been wearing since from Heart & Crafty. Thank you both! I hope you love your owls just as much.

Cheek Pinchy cards and packaging.

Heart and Crafty's mittens and necklace.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Ginny said...

cheek pinchy! Sooo cute!!
We've gotta get some of those letter sets by golly! Nice haul doll!

Ginny said...


kimberlee said...

wow, thanks for posting the doll. I hope you managed to get the stand working< i wrote special instructions to the other winner about that, but forgot to tell you.

I am glad your owl went so well, they are amazing!

its great to see my crafty friends represented here:)

R.W.S. said...

Hey, was lovely to meet you too! :) I was so tired by the end of Craftwerk.
Daisy rules! Your friend's stationery is beautiful. I love Cheek Pinchy cards - I've bought about 5 from Toggle (and am not giving them away)!
Anyway, see you at Kraftbomb, w00t!

Jessica said...

oh olive you a sweetheart! u gave letterset such a lovely review, thanks a bunch - was such a nice suprise to see it, just went to catch up on my fav blog (cough yours) and there it was! made me day you did :)

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