My friends, they are the greatest.

On Monday night I went out to dinner, to Gina's (yum!), with some of my closest friends. They are the greatest. It was such a lovely night with them requesting the Brazillian chefs to sing me a farewell song (which they did!) and lots of scrumptious pasta.

I was even treated to a leaving gift! You guys really shouldn't have- I love you all so much. Flying out tomorrow. Ah! Is 5 bras and 14 pairs of knickers enough?

The Hydrangea brooch!! Completely chuffed.

And a beautiful laundry bag (perfect for my travels) that they picked up at Kraftbomb.



Amber said...

Beautiful! What lovely mates.
I myself fly out tonight, so bon voyage Olivia - have a safe trip <3

Swonderful said...

So cute XX

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Bye Amber! Fly safe, look forward to reading about your trip xx

little ruby and the sea said...

Glad you like them!! Was a nice little dinner :) Going to miss you heaps and heaps! xx

helga said...

glad you liked them liv, im going to miss you soo much! and am super jealous 'cus it'll be amazing! love you xx

ruby in the dust said...

have fun!!

the little look see said...

byeeee olive, safe flight. yeah like the others said, gunna miss you loads and loads!

have a blast!

xx lovies j

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