To new places we shall go.

There's a funny feeling in my tummy. This great Rob Ryan cutout piece helped me identify the cause of it a little. I am worried about leaving, but worrying doesn't solve anything- so get on with it, get packing and do it!

I also have one rather burnt bottom, trying to prepare for these 'g-string bikinis' I keep hearing about. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

Hugs for you for being so brave my dear!
No matter what happens you'll handle it perfectly!


the little look see said...

aww its getting sad now liv, you will be sorely missed xx

ruby in the dust said...

we'll miss you! but you'd better keep us updated with your fantastic adventures :)

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Hey there good luck! Good luck! Yep leaving has a bit of a lonely side to it. But we'll miss ya. And lots of aloe v. on the bum - hope it works X Lies

Bee said...

Leaving is hard, but there is a whole world to see. Hope you have a wonderful adventure Olivia!

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