Roni Horn.

We went to the Tate Modern when we were in London, after spending hours infront of the wiggly mirror in the entrance hall (that thing is great!) we visited an exhibition by Roni Horn, an American visual artist and writer.

Roni at work.

On display were photography pieces of her 'Some Thames' (with their hilarious footnotes), two walls of clown photographs, as well as images of Iceland (what intially attracted us to the exhibition) and some incredible pigment and varnish on paper work among others.

She has said that since 1975 she has been drawn back to Iceland again and again, the landscape and isolation there have strongly influenced her work. I think Iceland will strongly influence mine too.

Here are some of the images we spotted at the exhibition and loved.

The wall of clowns.

Roni at work.

Dead owl, 1998.

Opposite of white V.1, 2006.

You can see the
pigment and varnish on paper work I loved in the background here.

Pink tons, 2008.

'Still water (the River Thames for example.) 1999.

This one was not in the exhibition by I really quite like it.
From To Place - Verne's Journey,

And one last thing about Iceland, then I will be quiet about the place. We couch surfed there with the most amazing guy who drove us 5 hours out of town to see this. Iceland. Is jawdropping.

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kimberlee said...

wow you are lucky.

I have always wanted to go to the tate.

yes I am also sorry we never got a chance to meet up in berlin, but it is a big city and it is so easy to run out of time there! Paris was great too (I was flying there that day, which is why I couldn't meet you), I really was surprised by how much I loved it:)

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