Take me back.

Here is a little look at what I've been working on, as I'm now home but my mind is still at sea I thought I'd use that a little to make these. I think they need a wider frame, and perhaps some with colour behind? What do y'all think?

'Take me here' and 'Take me there' map papercuts. Handmade by me. With help of friend, Steve. London sold at Kraftbomb on Sunday, so at the moment I have Helsinki, Paris and Barcelona, more to come.

And the rest of the maps I didn't want to go to waste so handmade some envelopes in various sizes too.

I'm doing the Devonport Craft Market this Sunday for the first time, so hope to have more of these to sell and some other goodies (like the desktop chalkboards below) as well as the owls of course. Hooray for another great regular market. Hope you can make it along!


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

I love it! Too bad they don't really 'do' maps in Asia...hahaha! Or else I could source some for you!

Hope you're keeping things sane in NZ while I'm away...we couldn't both be away at the same time, the country would fall apart!
Big hugs!

carina said...

those maps are so cool!

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