Twine for knitters to unite.

Wow. What a headline. I managed to incorporate both topics in a terribly lame fashion.

But, both bits to mention are definitely not lame. First of all, something I'm definitely going to find time (in my very hectic week) for.

Knitters Unite for Climate Change

Calling all knitters, we need you - experienced or not! It's really simple, you just need to cast 10 centimeters of yarn onto your needles and start knitting. Then send in what you have knitted and we can join all the pieces together.

The objective is to peacefully protest around Climate Change and Copenhagen; we will have messages hanging off the very long yarn trail from Auckland's Aotea Square all the way down to Britomart! That's 800 metres to be exact!

There are no aesthetic requirements for your contribution. We just ask that you get it to us (Oxfam) by December 11, ready for December 12th's global day of action calling for world leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference to sign a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty.

And second thing to mention. A great new blog devoted to packaging (something I love) has just begun and they are doing an amazing giveaway. It's called Ribbons & Pom Poms and you just need to follow the blog and tell them what you think makes a great package to win, it's definitely worth a look!


Songbird Designs said...

You are too kind xx (see more stuff added to the giveaway last night!- I can't stop)

Georgiebird said...

Knitters Unite! I love it! I will definitely be participating in this, it's a great idea. Also I confessed my love for your owls last night on my blog but that's not really important. Combating climate change with knitting is top of my list today. Thanks for letting us know.

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