Time for a catch up.

The past few weeks have flown by. So here is a, not so, brief photographic account of what I've been up to.

First of all I received a mighty package from my 'other half' Rosemary, full of wonder and goodness. She even sent me a Mieke beard! Promise to post a picture of me actually wearing it soon. I've worn it a few days as a necklace actually- good in this odd Auckland wind we've been having. I can't wait to open the rest come Christmas.

Rosemary and I are very open with each other. 

And I visited the 'opening' of the Franklin Road lights, in Ponsonby, with my mum. It was busy, there was free coffee, free sausages and so many lights- just the thing I needed to get into the Christmas spirit.

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Ginny said...

We'll be there soon! It does get annoying when you live right amongst it, you have to time your outings so you don't get caught :P

I wanna see the rest of your pressies!! XX

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