The last Devonport Market.

This past Sunday it was the last Devonport Craft Market for the year. It was smaller, it was in a park, it was a beautiful day, I wore no shoes and I enjoyed it immensely. There was also a brilliant dance performance and an incredible 13 year old singer who performed on the stage in front of our stalls, as well as many ridiculous contests that kept us laughing most of the day.

See you next year Devonport Market!

The only way to get by at 8 in the morning when you didn't make it to bed from the night before. Shudder. A fancy foreign Mars bar that came in my package from Rosemary.

New vintage bicycle badges on my stall, thanks to Rosemary's parcel, all the way from Paris.

There was a stage with performances all day right ahead of us and I made sure I did my fair share of lying in the grass too.

New York, 'Take Me Here'.

My lovely neighbour, Jamie from Porcelain Rove.

One of the wonderful women who run the Devonport Craft Market each month, Sarah, and her stall. Thank you so much to both Sarah's (see the second Sarah's things here) for such a great year!

And sweet GuaranĂ¡ Antartica. What would I do without you?


Ginny said...

Looks like such a nice day, you could never do that in Welly, everything would blow away!

Ginny said...

Oh & the bicycle tags look so lovely all together :)

pixelhazard said...

Oh looks like a good market! I really need to personalise my bike

Kirsty Ley said...

Your stall/ideas is/are amazing. I remember your 'Take me here' frames from the Halloween Kraftbomb I went to and thought they were pretty cool.

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