New things and news from afar.

A new addition to my flat. A friend and I found it amongst a heap of 'free' things on the side of the road and walked it back home. Not without stopping at a small coffee place and drinking our choices out on the pavement in our new chairs.

And these cushions! I got them at the Kraftbomb just been- where does she get that fabric! Brilliant.

And here is a little snip of what Rosemary is up to in Germany. Oh how I miss her!

And the new addition to my family. Meet Zoƫ.


Georgiebird said...

I love the translucence of Zoe's ear! Also I'm really jealous of your chair find. That is some good spotting.

Ginny said...

She looks like a chihuahua! Soooo cute! Does she live at your Ma's or with you??

Ruby in the Dust said...

ooh, Zoe looks like she could fly with those ears :) What a score those chairs were!

carina said...

i am in LOVE with those cushions!!

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