Wet Hot Weekend.

The weekend was a big one, between making enough for the Kraftbomb stall, meeting a new addition to our family, cake making and sychronised swimming practising and performing, there was barely enough time for sleep and cups of tea.

Kraftbomb was so great and busy I didn't even think about taking any photos unfortunately. But I did get some photos of the sycronised swimming troup to share.

We (the Wet Hot Beauties) perform again next Sunday at 3pm if your in Auckland if missed out this time!

The Wet Hot Beauties cake for after the performance!

Laura and I mucking about before heading out for the show.


Ginny said...

sooooo so amazing! Please give us the video link!!

chelsea jade said...

if i weren't guarding swedish stationery all day i would SO be there on sunday.

you are awesome.

chelsea jade.

the little look see said...

coooool! looks like so much fun and kind of hilarious. Have to admit i kinda want one of those swimming caps hehe :) nice job on the cake too!

Miss Deb of Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

You are wonder woman! I want to be just like you when I grow up...how do you do it all, sweetpea?! AND, do it all so well!!! Legendary...

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