The beauty of Iceland.

Yvan Rodic has recently been in Iceland, or so his visual diary suggests! I really loved the time I spent in Iceland on my trip. An incredibly beautiful and interesting place, full of blonde haired, blue eyed beauties. As you can imagine a Face Hunter's paradise. Some pictures from his visual diary I like and a few of mine.

Yvan Rodic.

Yvan Rodic. Kron shoes! An amazing Icelandic shoe designer.

Yvan Rodic. This wasn't here when I visited, or not that I saw. But this was. Same artist me thinks!

Okay enough, enough.


R.W. Scissors said...

Beautiful photos! Iceland has such an interesting landscape and colour scheme (if a country can have a colour scheme).

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I reckon it can!

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