I've been reading up about some areas in Mexico- I'm quite keen to try to get to Xochimilco. To gracefully glide my hand through the water like Frida, whilst no doubt being ripped off by the price of the ride. Oh I'd be so happy to buy flower bunches from old woman in boats and see frightening dolls hanging from trees. Xochimilco looks mental but brilliant. The Venice of Mexico!

More info about the dolls trees. Thanks Wiki.

'One of Xochimilco's newest and strangest tourist attractions is the island of Dolls: 'La Isla de las Muñecas'. Situated on Teshuilo Lake, the small island was home to Don Julian Santana Barrera, a hermit who collected thousands of dolls for the spirit of a drowned girl who he believed kept him company. Despite Don Julian's death in 2001 the dolls remain and the island is growing in popularity with sightseers willing to undertake the four hour round-trip.'

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friend or doe said...

You must read The Lacuna before you go! x

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