On my way home tonight from work I found myself amidst a commotion outside the Civic. The Qantas Film and Television Awards 2010 where about to start and I tried my best at very far away paparazzi photography.

Keisha. I thought her dress was the loveliest from the back but no photographers seemed to pay much attention as she walked away.

Charlotte Dawson doing something odd.

Ah Paul, pretty please you won best man on television. You are priceless.

There was even some autographs signed amidist 'Shortland Streets da bomb' cheers.

The Go Girls crew made it and the Outrageous girls too.

But my highlight was sneaking a peek at wee Rocky and wee Boy, with their loving father.

Below is wee Rocky dancing just in front of...

These guys, another highlight!

Have a lovely Sunday.

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