Spending time in the supermarket.

I visited the Cassette Markets this past weekend, down on Vulcan Lane. Oh it's always a treat. Even if you don't find a thing there is always a cupcake or two to be had from lovely Nicole of Sweet Surrender. You won't believe what she had. Frida Kahlo inspired cupcakes! How is that for timing. They were Mexican chocolate and chilli and absolutely amazing. I've never tasted a cake like it. I wanted to go back for seconds but spent the rest of the day at work.

I managed to find 3 other special bits there that day. A knitted turban style hat, promise to show a photo of this incredible beauty, a pinky top with rollerskate buttons and a long lemon and white polka dot pleated skirt. All in my hands for $44.50 and that's including the cupcake!

Here is a picture I got before destroying it!


Kim W. said...

hello! it was lovely to chat to you on Sunday! i hope you have AMAZING trip!! take lots and lots of photos! eat lots of Mexican food and margaritas for me!! xx

Extra Curricular said...

These are amazing - little works of art! Hope you have a great adventure in Mexico!

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