One sweet Jesus and a day in the sun.

Today was a 3 times lovely day at the Devonport Christmas Festival. The rain held off, the sun shined (at least a little bit) and customers were a plenty. And I actually managed to take some photos this time, been getting a little slack at photographing the markets lately.

So some images to share. Below the huge Auckland Local Tours, 'Home is Here' map sold today.

Some new postcards, that read 'A postcard from where I'd quite like to be but sent from right where I am'.

My amazingly delicious Christmas cake cupcake with Jesus on it! From Sweet Surrender!

More postcards and the new invisible bookshelves!

New charms and one London 'Take Me Here' map.

Stall supervisor.

Half eaten Jesus. And the bunting cups below.

I also managed to get some making done. Some Christmas owls waiting patiently for their eyes. And below the sweet Russian doll rattle I bought as a gift.

Frida decided Jesus' head was hers.

And a wee picture of packup.


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