Thinking about freezing my fingers off!

I'm not sure I've made a public announcement yet but I have some exciting news. I'm off, on Christmas afternoon to visit dearest Rosemary who I've been missing so much- all the way in freezing Germany. I'm trying to prepare myself, dig out the warmest clothes I have but I'm not sure even those will cut it. I've never known such cold!

I'll be there over New Year, and oh how I wish I could wear something as beautiful as this- am I kidding myself I could wear something so shear in those temperatures?

 Street Peeper.

Etsy finds.


Songbird Designs said...

Well that's pretty exciting. Who needs sun!! Hope you have a wonderful time! Sx

same old story said...

as long as you have a warm coat, that outfit would be awesome. You know they do keep it above freezing inside xx two weeks miss

Kim said...

Long time follower, first time commenter (is that cheesey?)

Anyway, exciting! I'm actually sitting at Manchester airport waiting for my flight to Germany at the moment. My flight has been delayed because of the weather by about 2 hours, so I'm amusing myself by looking at blogs.

I've never been to Germany before and have a niggling feeling that what I've managed to cram into my tiny bag isn't going to cut it. Good luck to us both! Hope you have a good Christmas and enjoy new years in Germany!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Kim! Hello! So nice to hear from you!

Where in Germany are you visiting? Perhaps we'll cross paths? :) I went to Germany last year and boy is it grand. I think you'll love it!
A merry Christmas to you too!

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