Another picture of our dining table to show off our sweet bag advent calendar, Your Home & Garden had some lovely DIY Christmas ideas and this was one of them. A hit with the flatmates!

And below some teacups/coffee cups I've been painting for Sunday's Devonport Market. Plus I've been working on a new stall addition. The invisible bookshelf! I hope they are received well, I've had a lot of fun in my grandfathers work shop making them.


the little look see said...

yay go the advent!!! good on you.
Love the painted teacups. Would loooove to feature in the mag?!

Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog said...

Hi, Alana here from Fancy!
Your work is awesome.
I'd love to feature your new invisible bookshelf AND those rad postcards you made for a recent market on my NZ Design Blog. Could you flick me an email?
oohhowfancy AT Gmail DOT com

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