Some pictures of our stall on the weekend.

Courtesy of Alex (thank you miss!), she's got more pictures on her blog here if you'd like a look. Our neighbours were the always something great to see Nut & Bee and the delicious carrot cake, christmas tart and bread lady who even gave us stall holder discounts!- we ate alot.. well I did.

Our stall and our lovely neighbours Nut & Bee in the background.

Our Swap-Away advertising section, the swap pack.

I managed to get two christmas gifts and hope to get the rest on the 21st (the Christmas Kraftbomb!) . I got two packs of stickers similar to the ones above from Nut and Bee and two notepads too- for the bf's nieces. I'm pretty sure the blog is unknown to them, I hope! They are so great and so amazingly priced! Great stocking stuffers !

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