Going Crabbie.

After a full on weekend volunteering at ANZFW I am now left with more than a few things on my must try on myself list. Of course everything looked amazing on the models but could they look so lovely on me? I will endevour to find out.

One of the models, Derya, had on a pair of these pants from Miss Crabb, I managed to wiggle my way through the crowds of models in the Designer Collection show (there was over 120 changes in this show!) to ask her where they came from, I had my fingers crossed they weren't 'vintage' as they looked like the could have been. But alas the accessible Miss Crabb on Ponsonby Road. Wish me luck! I'm hoping my pins look as good as hers in these babies.

And I nearly forgot to mention. I finally wore the lace dress! Rosemary kindly took it up for me and it was a hit.


little ruby and the sea said...

ooo... cool pants! hope they are goer!

Ginny said...

Thems some pants fo sho! So nineties- in a good way. X

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