On one of our last days in the city of Salvador before heading back to Rio, Rosie and I tracked down a wee junk shop some America ladies we met in Lencois had told us about. They were trying to describe to us where a lovely wee cafe was over looking downtown and the sea, just up the hill past Pelorinho, and mentioned that it was close to a junk shop. Both our ears pricked up. We made it our mission to find it!

After more than a few moments of feeling lost we finally found the beauty. Until then I hadn't come across anything remotely similar to a thrift or junk store in Brasil, I was suffering withdrawls. Have a looky.

Monica, a famous Brasilian comic. I picked up just a few goodies but they have been sent off in an envelope as a gift to someone so no pictures sorry!

If anyone is heading to Salvador soon and would like to hunt this place down. Head down the Pelorinho hill, going away from the elevator towards the suburb of Barbalho. Head up the next hill and just keep following the main road round till you hit it. The little cafe is on your left just before the junk shop. It's definitely worth a look. You can't go wrong with an ice cold Guarana overlooking the sea. Bliss.


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Gah...how cool is that!! I'm with you in spirit...go forth and find more awesome junk shops!

Saw your new photos on FB too, you are looking positively sun-kissed pretty lady!

Missed you at this month's Kraftbomb!


emedemarta said...

what an incredible trip you've made!
i would love going to Latin America.

it's funny because when i'm on holidays i always try to find junk shops also! and that one looks soo nice

the little look see said...

shoot looks awesome, howd i love a good rummage in that store! was that a box full of old photos i spotted, looked choice!!

kimberlee said...

oh yes, second hand/junk shops are not an international thing. I couldn't find any in tokoyo or jakarta! sad!

Amber said...

Yay, thrifting in other countries is always a treat! In China it all seems to be new "antiques" though.

PJ said...

so funny. We stayed at the pousada directly right across from this junk shop. It was Casa Villa Bella.

I'm enjoying your blog and the Brazil posts also remind me of my trip.



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