Cou Cou.

Awhile back I came across the blog of a little shop named Cou Cou in Buenos Aires. The shop seemed to carry everything any girl could ever wish for so when we touched down in the city Cou Cou was definitely on my to see list.

It was in Palermo, which is a nice area to shop we discovered. Palermo is also home to a lot of street art, street markets and sweet cafes too. It was a very hot day and were happy to discover Cou Cou has a superb air conditioning system as well as everything else! The store was so great, I could have bought almost everything in it and the girl sat embroidering at the counter (picture perfect!).

Oh Cou Cou you definitely lived up to everything I hoped you would be. I fell in love and I walked away with a pretty ´Hola!´Gocco printed card and a sweet silver ring and elastic ring. Wrapped in fabric and packed in a brown paper bag with doily! Sigh.

If you haven´t already, see Cou Cou´s blog here.

The elastic and silver message rings below and above in the bag!


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Squeel...how delightful!

You get a medal from me for self control...how did you manage to drag yourself away with so few purchases...well done you!

kimberlee said...

fabulous! how exciting to be able to actually see some of the places in the flesh! blogland is often oh so far away.... glad you are posting again:)

Bee said...

I am jealous! And in love with everything on their blog, especially love their blog banner. Glad you are having fun!

the little look see said...

oh cool, so glad you tracked it down!!

i got you a CBB zine issue 3, any way of recieving mail?

Swonderful said...

Nice tard!

coucou said...

i wish i have the words to say how thankfull i am
i really appreciate what you write about coucou
the way you felt there is the reason i open it

jimena said...

oh!!! you have such a beautiful blog and my pieces are there! wow! thanks thanks thanks, I'm very lucky to show my work in a shop like coucou and be feature in such nice blogs!

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