Lencois and Pup tees.

In the next few days Rosemary and I are taking a bus to Lencois in Bahia, Brasil. We have heard so many amazing things about the place from the locals here and it´s only about 4 hours from Salvador where we are currently staying with friends. This picture just sealed the deal. Lencois it is!
Lencois, Brasil.

And another thing worth noting (seeing) is the collaboration between Alyson Fox and Mociun. I am loving this Pup tee and Le Train Bleu just got it in stock as well as a whole bunch of other goodies worth checking out here. The shoes, the dresses, the cups. Oh my!

Alyson Fox & Mociun Pup Tee

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carina said...

that place looks AMAZING!!! I wish I was somewhere where I got to check out places like this.

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