We need to get a little better at this, I am sorry for neglecting the blog but with so many people to keep in touch with and get in touch with while we are travelling it´s difficult to fit everything in. Particulary when other hostelers are leering over your shoulders hoping for you to finish. However I am going to from now on, make the up most effort to update and inform via here.

We have just spent the past 4 days in Foz du Iguacu, on the edge of Brasil, bordering Paraguay and Argentina. The Iguacu Falls live here and we have spent time visiting them from both sides. My my it is a site that is to be seen at least once if not more in a lifetime. The falls are made up of over 275 individual waterfalls, with most of them falling on the Argentina side but the biggest Devil´s Throat is half on the Brasil side and half on Argentina´s. Unfortunately Paraguay don´t get to claim any of the falls beauty as they are just down the road at the end of the Iguacu river.

In the park around the falls we managed to catch a glimpse of a pair of toucans, saw hummingbirds and more butterflys than I have ever seen in my life. This place it is incredible.

Just part of the falls.

A fellow boatman, in his underwear?

The butterflys.

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Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

The butterflies are simply gorgeous...how lucky are you to be o.e-ing all over the place!

Jealous...but NZ ain't the same without ya..


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