More things to note.

The last few weeks have been a very messy hectic blur. But I did managed to make it to the launch of Extra Curricular, it was in the nicest little bar, with the perfect amount of quirk and there was, of course, the happy hour and cupcakes. Plus the amazing magazine! 

I read it cover to cover (almost) that night and then my work mates stole it from me for a read the next day. It was a hit. I loved the music makes making fun section. I suggest you get a copy quick as the run is limited to 500!

My lovely family covered my Crafternoon Tea stall on Saturday but I managed to get a few pictures of my stall before I had to dart to work.

Putting the sign up.

And, the next day at the great launch of the Royal Oak Market (great food, lovely people, amazing products and seminars to boot- what more could you ask for from market?), all I could see were people reading EC


the little look see said...

your stall is looking top notch liv!! I really must visit the next craft stall, i want a bunting teacup bad!

the little look see said...

phew, everyone has an opinion on the streetsyle blog!!, loadsa comments.
Keep up the lovely work olive, i look forward to seein who made it each day :)

(yeeyar on issac likes hehe!)

Dreamboat said...

Ah I own one of your owl necklaces and I did not even know it was yours! A friend gave it to me. My fave by far x

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