Auckland's top, slightly hidden, spots.

I've been working these past few weeks on a Auckland 'hot spot' type post for Bloesem blogs World Tour and am scared I'm going to miss something brilliant in the mix. I used these so much when I was away I wanted to 'pay it forward' with an Auckland addition, Julia from Studio Home Creative has already done a great one for Queenstown.

I'm trying to find those places that wouldn't normally be featured in a guidebook. So I thought I'd list them here and hope that if there is a large gapping hole someone might alert me. Thanks guys!

Sky Lark Boutique, Canterbury Arcade.
Aunty Mavis, St Kevin's Arcade.
Pleased to Meet You, St Kevin's Arcade.
Tiny Space, Cross St.
Salvage, Mt Eden.
Tatty's, Ponsonby.
Flotsam and Jetsam, Richmond Rd.
Revel, K Rd.
Queenies Lunchroom, Freemans Bay.

What do you think?


Irony Maiden said...

hmm it'd be good if you could give precise addresses? for example, i live in freemans bay but i've never heard of queenies lunchroom but now i'm really curious to check it out :)
obviously i'll be able to find it easily but addresses would be super-helpful to non-locals :)

Auckland Street Style. said...

I did a poor job at explaining! They will all have pictures and descriptions and addresses and links if possible but just thought I'd get a look over the list first before I begin. Promise to show the final product! :) xx

Auckland Street Style. said...

oops and I just answered as streetstyle sorry it's lily!!

the little look see said...

nice list! loving this idea.
i heard through the grapevine skylark is no more :( don't quote me though.

what about 'deus ex machina' - cafe slash motorbike showroom and general awesome space, on wellesley st.
there's that cute cafe on the shore too, in birkenhead 'the tea lady'.

um um thinking thinking.
that antique mish mash of plates tecups etc etc shop 'babushka' run by a dear old lady in grey lynn.

'jetset bohemian' too, it might be too well known though?

this is fun! hehe

Irony Maiden said...

lily - sounds good, will come back to check it out for sure!

and yeah, deus ex machina is pretty cool, i don't think many people know about it. skylark is definitely still going, bought a dress during their last sale and i am pretty sure new stock will be in soon. it's just that they moved to one of those little arcades on queen street (can't remember which one) a couple of months ago which might be why you thought they'd closed.

Anonymous said...

tonar street northcote?

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