I'd like to 'planet' so that we are Valentines.

Thanks to Frankie. A short history of Valentines Day.
At around 270AD Rome was facing battles and civil uprising. The men were not keen to join the army and Emperor Claudius II believed the men didn't want to leave their loved ones and so cancelled all marriages and engagements. Two priests, Valentine and Marius, disobeyed and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. Valentine was caught on February 14 and dragged to jail. Later in the day before his execution, Valentine himself had fallen in love with the jailer's daughter and he signed his final note to her, "From your Valentine."

We officially have under 2 weeks to find that perfect something to brighten our loved ones (or hope to soon be loved ones) days. I know Valentines Day is supposedly a big commercial con but you won't see me complaining about a day to celebrate love! You don't need to buy no diamond rings, here are some sweet V-Day suggestions.

Pick as many flowers as you can possibly carry and deliver them to their doorstep.


Send them a card at work or leave it somewhere unsuspecting at home to suprise them.

Bake them some love. These amazing cookie cutters are from here.


Tell them they light up your life with a lightbulb!  Or replace all the blown bulbs in the house to help them out.

You can purchase these cute cushions from one of my favourite sites Rockett St George but I think they wouldn't be too tough to make either.

And don't forget your friends, especially those with a sore heart, they will love your Valentine attention. I vote 80% cocoa bitter sweet chocolate or a vintage kid valentines day card, you can download them here.

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little ruby and the sea said...

Hehe soon to be Loved ones... cute! I'm not here for V day! :( I love the lightbulb idea though!

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