Adventure photos. Day eleven.

Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.
Senhor do Bonfim.
Bonfim Wish Ribbons.

If anyone would like one of these pop me an email as I collected a whole lot and would be happy to share the wish ribbon love! You must wrap the ribbon on your wrist and knot it three times, with each knot a wish is made and you wear it until it falls of naturally- then your wishes will come true. Of course!

'If you plan to stay the course and leave the ribbon on, it's a serious commitment. The typical fita is rumored to fall off after a handful of months, but ribbons can stay intact for anywhere from six months to two years after they were tied!' - Salvador da Bahia blog.

Mine has been on almost 1 year and it's still going strong. You can read more about Salvador and the ribbons here, a magnificent city.

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Anonymous said...

remember tied on by a friend!!

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